Test Menu/Prices

General Health Panels                   Gout, Arthritis, or Inflammation Screening Tests   
Health Screen  (CMP and LIPIDP) $50.00    ANA Screen w/ Titer if indicated (ANA) $55.00 
Health Screen Plus (CMP, LIPIDP, CBCD) $65.00    C-Reactive protein (CRP)  $15.00 
Expanded Health Screen (CMP, LIPIDP, TSH, CBCD)  $105.00    ESR- Erythrocyte Sed Rate (ESR) $15.00 
Men's Health Screen (CMP, LIPIDP, CRP/HS, PSAS.)  $120.00   Rheumatoid Factor (RFACT.) $15.00 
Women's Health Screen (CMP, LIPIDP, CRP/HS, TSH) $120.00   Uric Acid (URIC)  $15.00 
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)  $20.00    Infectious Disease Screen   
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)  $25.00    STD Screen (CH/GC COMBO AMP, RPR, CHIV)  $260.00 
Calcium (CA)  $15.00   Chlamydia/GC Screen, Urine (CH/GC COMBO AMP)  $160.00 
Cholesterol (CHOL) $10.00    HIV 1/2 Screen (CHIV), reflex if indicated  $50.00 
Electrolytes (LYTES)  $20.00   Syphilis Screen w/ titer and TPPA if indicated  (RPR)  $50.00 
Magnesium (MG)  $15.00    Kidney / Liver Tests   
Phosphorus (PHOS)  $15.00    Bilirubin Total (BILIT)  $15.00 
Potassium (K) $15.00    GGT (GGT)  $20.00 
Sodium (NA)  $15.00    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen w/ confirmation if indicated  $50.00 
Blood Counts Or Anemia Check     Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) w/ confirmation if indicated  $45.00 
Anemia Screen (FETIBC and FERRI)  $70.00    Liver/Hepatic Function Panel (HFP)  $25.00 
Blood Typing (ABO/RH)  $20.00    Renal Function Panel (RFP)  $20.00 
Complete Blood Count (CBCD) $15.00    Pre-Employment or Immunization Tests  
Protime/Coumadin Monitoring (PT/INR)  $20.00    Coronavirus COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 AB IgG (COVID-19 IGG)  $99.00 
Ferritin (FERRI)  $35.00    Rubeola, Measles (MEASIGG)  $30.00 
Folate, Serum (FOL) $35.00    Rubella, German Measles (RUBS)  $35.00 
Iron level (IRON)  $20.00    Mumps (MUMPIGG)  $30.00 
Vitamin B12 (B12)  $35.00    Varicella,  Chicken Pox (VZIGG)  $30.00 
Cardiac Health Testing     Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (BSAB)  $30.00 
Cardiac Screen (LIPIDP, CRP/HS, HOMOCYS) $95.00    Quantiferon TB Testing (QTFERON PLUS) $140.00 
Cardiac CRP (CRP/HS)  $30.00    Respiratory Screens   
Homocysteine (HOMOCYS)  $40.00    Respiratory Screen (Flu A/B, RSV) (PCRRP) $290.00 
Lipid Panel (LIPIDP)  $25.00    Mononucleosis Screen (MONO)  $15.00 
Diabetes Testing      Strep Screen (STRPCR)  $80.00
Diabetes Screen (HGBA1C., RUMA, GLUCF)  $50.00    Thyroid Screening Tests   
Glucose, Fasting (GLUCF)  $10.00    Panel: TSH, FT4, T3FREE  $100.00 
Hemoglobin A1C (HGBA1C.)  $25.00    TSH and FT4  $60.00 
Insulin (INSULIN)  $30.00    TSH  $40.00 
Microalbumin Urine,  Random (RUMA)  $15.00    Other   
Endocrinology Screening Tests       Glucose Tolerance Screen Gestational (GLUCG)  $15.00 
Estradiol (E2)  $65.00    Courtesy KIT Draw (COURT - HZL)  $25.00 
Estrogen, Total (ESTGEN)  $50.00    Pregnancy Test, Qualitative  (HCG)  $20.00 
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)  $45.00    Pregnancy Test, Quantitative (HCGQ)  $35.00
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)  $45.00    Prostate Screening (PSAS.)  $40.00 
Progesterone (PROG)  $50.00    Urinalysis, Microscopic if indicated (UA/I)  $20.00 
Prolactin (PROLACT)  $45.00   Vitamin D (VITAMIN D 25)  $50.00 
Testosterone Total (TEST)  $60.00    Celiac Panel (CELIACP)  $120.00 
      H. pylori Breath Test (H PY Adult or Peds)  $150.00 
      Occult Blood, Stool (OBST)  $10.00